Consolidating audio files in pro tools

Posted by / 24-Apr-2020 08:06

And this is only over one minute duration, imagine what will happen to an hour-long feature or when you try to sync to a two hour movie!

Please note while for all practical purposes four decimal places is probably fine, this example clearly shows why we spent a lot of effort to ensure that Pro Tools guarantees 100% accurate positioning of any Bar|Beat marker over any duration in your session.

As I write, the Windows and Digi 002 versions are still at 5.3, but the availability of Pro Tools 6 for XP and 002 shouldn't be too far away.

As well as OS X compatibility, PT6 sees the introduction of two major new features (Digibase and Groove Templates), quite a few smaller tweaks and additions, and some power-ups for the LE version.

The internal resolution for calculating the tempo between these markers is much greater than the two digits visible in the tempo track or the tempo display, in fact, it's much higher than any number you would want to enter manually!

Unlike many other programs that require the user to enter a tempo manually, Pro Tools provides a powerful, faster and much more accurate means of defining the song's tempo.

Get the basics of audio editing in Pro Tools 10 in these AVID Learn Partner tutorial-videos by MPV’s Scott Freiman.

The art is knowing how to listen and use your imagination.

I tested PT6 at both ends of the Pro Tools continuum: on a HD system running on a G4 desktop, and LE on an i Book/M Box combo.

The state-of-the-art music production tool joins forces with the state-of-the-art computer OS, and gains some powerful new features along the way.

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