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For paired partners, women's positive sexual communication process predicted male sexual satisfaction ― when women talked about sex, on average men experienced greater sexual satisfaction. Men and women reporting higher sexual satisfaction were overall more satisfied in their relationships.

Positive sex communication was correlated with greater sexual satisfaction.

The survey, combining items from many prior studies to look at all the areas of interest, included the following measures: The analysis included a dyadic data analysis approach, which allowed them to look at effects from the specific pairs of couples (actor-partner interdependence model), as well as general patterns across all couples.

They analyzed the data from two perspectives ― the first model, the "satisfaction model," controlled for communication process and length of relationship, and the second model, the "sexual and orgasm frequency model," only controlled for relationship length, allowing for communication process to vary.

Both the process and the content of sexual communication are correlated with greater sexual satisfaction. Working on these factors to improve sexual satisfaction will probably increase your overall relationship satisfaction.

However, working on the relationship in general to improve your sex life.

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They recruited 142 heterosexual couples in long-term relationships, often but not always married, who completed a 30-minute online survey carefully conducted to tease apart the important factors (see below for the measures used).

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