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Colt police positive dating

if she went to a care facility or after she died with a simple inheritance will) document as best you can the date of such.

This is to help guard against some dimwit trying to prosecute over it.

1905 - Police Positive 1st issue 1905 - Police Positive Special 1st Issue 1926 - Police Positive 2nd issue 1926 - Police Positive Special 2nd Issue 2nd issue guns have a serrated topstrap over the cylinder.

(1907 - 1995) Type: Revolver Caliber: .38 Colt New Police (.38 S&W), 32 Colt New Police (.32 S&W Long), .32 Long/Short Colt, .22 Long Rifle, .22 WRF, also 32-20 and 38 Special in the Colt Police Positive Special, a variant with a slightly longer cylinder to accommodate the longer cartridges.

I am trying to get an idea what a first edition model such as this might be worth It sounds like you have the 1903 pocket pistol ,,does it have the 1897 pattent date?

These guns were produced for the following cartridges; .32 Colt .32-20 .32 New Police (same as .32 S&W Long) .38 New Police (aka .38 S&W) .38 S&W (aka .38 Colt New Police) and the "Special" model was also produced in .38 Special. Sorry, that's a pretty sure sign of a hot gun, and its a crime to have a gun from which the number has been defaced. Colt also stamped the serial number inside the side plate.

Before shooting this gun, be sure to have a reputable gunsmith inspect it. 5, 1884, JUNE 5, 1990, JULY 4, 1905 Left side of barrel reads: POLICE - 38 SPECIAL OSITIVE The only other marknigs are on the left side of the frame, with a "V" in a triangle just above the forward upper portion of the trigger guard, and the rearing pony by the cylinder release. Swung the cylinder out, and on the forward area of the frame that gets exposed, and the cylinder support arm (guessing that's the 'crane') there are signs of, um, "material removal"... If the number is still present under the plate, and the gun doesn't come back as stolen, the ATF has a procedure where the number can be re-stamped to make it legal.

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new police 32 and target last year 1908 started at 49500 so it could be this but new police doesn't say pocket not likely particularly as last patent is later than first year of production. pocket positive 1910 starts at 48200 but doesn;t have word police or 32 caliber 3.

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