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She flirted up a storm in the last series of racy MTV show Ex on the Beach.After bedding Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle in a saucy threesome, she was left panic-stricken when her ex Alex arrived on the sun-soaked island.

Thoughtful Tracy put a video clip showing Les welcoming newborn Charlotte home into safe-keeping for when her daughter grew up.They’re a couple of hours I think, however long a regular date would be – there’s drinks, there’s dinner, there are obviously breaks during that as well – and sometimes they have to change lighting and different angles,’ Eden points out.11 The celebs and the dates are only allowed to talk while filming’s actually taking place – and if there’s a break they have to keep shtum.’We have to make sure the datee and the celeb don’t talk during that at all,’ Eden tells us,’because it’s those little moments when the cameras are off that one of them will deliver an amazing line, so it’s a little bit different from your average date.’ 12 And while the dates might last a while, what you see on TV is a fraction of what happens.The morning after the night of a date you’re always wondering what’s going to end up on your desk.7 While Arg might have been fortunate enough to end up at a curry house on one of his double dates, he didn’t actually pick it himself – since the locations are all chosen by the crew.

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‘We go for celebs that are going to be good entertainment, we go for celebs that are going to be good value, and we go for celebs that we know are going to test us but in some way reward us.’ 3 Meanwhile, it goes without saying that they can’t be in a relationship either.