Cdc and dating violence

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Cdc and dating violence

The community demonstration projects were officially replaced with the DELTA name.The reauthorization continues to direct CDC to fund state domestic violence coalitions for the purpose of funding and supporting local efforts to prevent intimate partner violence.See our web site for additional information about the magnitude and consequences of IPV.All forms of IPV, from episodic violence to battering, are preventable.Help create safer, healthier relationships and communities now and for everyone in the future.Learn more through a CDC infographic about preventing intimate partner violence.CDC is working to better understand the developmental pathways and social circumstances that lead to this type of violence.In addition, the agency is helping organizations evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs to reduce both victimization and perpetration.

Knowledge about the factors that prevent IPV is lacking.

Learn more through a CDC infographic about preventing suicide.

Find various ways to share the suicide prevention infographic with partners.

, a teen dating violence prevention program that includes evidence-based and evidence-informed curricula and training for middle school students, their parents, teachers, and others.

This Q&A with Andra Tharp, the CDC health scientist who leads the initiative, explains what she and her colleagues hope to achieve with this project.

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