Carbon dating disproves the bible

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Mutations are random, and variation may be random, but natural selection is decidedly not random, and therefore evolution is not random.Evolution is the non-random survival of those traits that provide an advantage to survival and reproduction in the current environment. The watch analogy is not valid because a watch is an inanimate object.

Creationists love to imagine that they have dismantled evolution or discovered it’s “major flaws,” however they only succeed in exposing the major flaws in their understanding of evolution and ability to reason.Here is a detailed refutation by Jeffrey Shallit of information claims by ID proponents. 3) No mutation that increases genetic information has ever been discovered.Mutations which increase genetic information would be the raw material necessary for evolution.Creationists abuse information theory by making claims about information without ever defining the term.They then drift as needed from one definition to another in order to make false analogies – like the one here about SETI.

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Ironically, evolutionists scan the heavens using massive radio telescopes hoping for relatively simple signal patterns that might have originated in outer space, all the while ignoring the incredibly complex evidence of superior intelligence built into every human’s DNA.