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When you are effective at doing science your Ph D productivity goes through the roof. Since I am asking it, then the answer must be yes, there are some rules of thumb. Use software that syncs via Internet your files across devices.Even better, go for those that also store copies in the cloud. You already know what to look for in a software tool.It syncs the papers to the cloud and other devices. Mendeley is (a) simple software, (b) that colleagues use (in my case) and (c) that syncs your data. It stores all sort of information you throw at it and it finds this information when you search for it.When you are writing your paper, the Word or Open Office extension allows you to insert your citations in the correct format of the journal you want to publish in. Download Mendeley here Here’s one of the must have software tools for Ph D students. Forget about bookmarks in your web browser, a folder with photos and screenshots, text files with your notes or documents with drafts.Let’s say again now with using the style of The 4 Hour Work Week.Being efficient at secondary process tasks (like trying new software) is a waste of time.

We think that the right software will improve our productivity.I started trying so many alternatives for project management, file synchronisation or handling my literature.I spent so much time trying software that my Ph D productivity went down.But if you are normal, you might find it a pain in the ass.If you want to move fast in science, figuring out the best software for your tasks is a waste of time. Focusing On What Matters In Your Ph D A baker makes bread.

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Having a clean and tidy bakery allows him to make bread.

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