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Had lunch with a friend just now, one of the Seven Sages of the Chinese Internet World, very tapped into what's happening in the scene.

He'd just seen my post on the Chinese Second Life, Hi Pi Hi, and mentioned--so did Fanfan--another similar game, though more Chinese historical costume-drama themed, that's been running for a while called Wanmei Shijie (完美世界). While I held that Hi Pi Hi (and/or the clones-of-clones that are bound to come tumbling after) will probably fare well in China, my friend wondered how it's going to work without the two great pillars of Second Life: Sex and gambling. "His name is probably Frank, and he probably lives in Iowa." He went on the explain that you attach your member, select a position from a menu, and can control the rate of humping.

She talked to me about a government-funded school lunch program she just pushed through.

It's testimony to the excellence of the fare at the little newly-opened Mexican restaruant at Wanda Guoji that I was able to eat even after my friend whipped out his Smart Phone and proudly showed me a clip of his avatar with someone else's. The highlight of this evening was, without doutbt, drinks on the 35th floor of the Nikko Hotel in Dalian.A small group of us sat and listened to sci-fi author and blogger-provacateur Cory Doctorow address hot Saville Row bespoke designer Ozwald Boateng on the finer points of Linux while swilling a Chinese alcohol-free beer.Because the audience needs a minute to sort through some issues. I just started when I was diagnosed with MS and wasn’t able to keep my full time job as a teacher.

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