Bachelors theme dating game

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Bachelors theme dating game

Lining the upper hall are trophy heads, stone sculptures of knights and wall carvings.Below the organ gallery is a built-in sideboard displaying a collection of 18th and 19th century brass and copper vessels, I didn’t see the Holy Grail there, they must have put it away for safe keeping.Here you can imagine the fabled kingdom of Camelot, earlier we passed a resemblance of King Arthur’s round table in the Winter Garden and now we stand humbled in the presence of the royal court.

We now move from the personal confines of masculinity and enter the grand expanse of male ingenuity, power and excellence..Banquet Hall.The Bachelor Wing included the Smoking Room and Gun Room.Female staff members weren’t allowed in the Bachelor's Wing for the obvious reason, boys will be boys.Light fell in abundance from ceiling to floor, thru the neighboring room.To the left, another shower of sunlight flows gently down a spiral marble staircase like a silky veil of light cascading over a waterfall.

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We crossed the threshold of Biltmore House and enter the Entrance Hall to take in the sights and the sound of echoes past.