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Avast  antivirus not updating

Looking specifically at the premium version, you can find some really cool stuff here.Such as anti-spam to keep your emails nice and tidy, data shredder to keep your deleted files well and truly deleted, and the awesome Sandbox feature which can test any file in a securely sealed space before opening it up for good.One of the most recent that’s part of this category reportedly bricks Windows 10 PCs upgraded to the April 2018 Update, and the culprit was believed to be Avast antivirus.As we reported yesterday, some of the users upgrading to Windows 10 April 2018 Update and running Avast antivirus ended up with their computers broken down due to what was believed to be a compatibility issue with this security solution.Users said their systems could no longer boot and ended up with a black screen.But in a statement for The Reg, Avast says that it investigated all these reports and by the looks of things, its antivirus cannot be blamed for these problems.Earlier this week, Microsoft confirmed that the Windows 10 official launch date will be on July 29 and will be available as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users (for one year).

Which is pretty impressive, must mean they have some good software available!The premium version of Avast will cost you £49.99 for one PC, for one year. The premium will go beyond your device and protect the whole network.As well as providing you with a vast support network and plenty of handy tools to keep your computer virus free. Avast is much like that kid that wins everything at school.Unlike that kid, Avast is constantly changing and updating to keep up with the constantly developing viruses which are out there on the web.Which is great news for you the customer, but does make those awards and reviews outdated.

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Avast have been doing their thing for 20 years now.

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