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The USB armory hardware is supported by standard software environments and requires very little customization effort.In fact vanilla Linux kernels and standard distributions run seamlessly on the tiny USB armory board.If you’ve ever watched the X-Men series, you’re aware of how important costumes are.Not only do the costumes complement the personality of the characters, they also represent their story.They’re a part of their culture, background and history.We believe that every suit has a story to tell, and we make sure it is able to convey that story & illicit a visual reaction from all those watching you wear it.

The support for ARM® Trust Zone®, in contrast to conventional TPMs, allows developers to engineer custom trusted platform modules by enforcing domain separation, between the "secure" and "normal" worlds, that propagates throughout all So C components, and therefore not only limited to the CPU core.

Switching between these two modes by pressing Ctrl Enter.

The USB armory from Inverse Path is an open source hardware design, implementing a flash drive sized computer.

This is achieved by splitting into two modes: navigation mode and editing mode.

In both modes, the entire area of the screen available for a specific task.

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It allows quickly customize working space for a specific task by creating as many project views as needed.

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