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Armenian huswife chatting

I have heard, Tlie cock, that is the trumpet to the morn, Doth with his lofty and shrill-sounding throat Awake the god of day ; and, at his warning, Whether in sea or fire, in earth or air. Some say, that ever 'gainst that season comes Wherein our Saviour's birth is celebrated. It is an amusing spectacle in China- town to see the creditor mercilessly hunt- ing down the debtor during the few days that remain. The benighted person who deems it a city of scandals is likely to mis- take the atmosphere of a hotel dining- room for that of a dinner-giving home.The extravagant and erring spirit liies To his confine: and of the truth herein This present object made probation. The bird of dawning singeth all night long: And then, they say, no spirit dares stir abroad ; The nights are wholesome ; then no planets strike, No fairy takes, nor witch hath power to charm. Socrates sacrificed a cock to .^scula- pius, the god of health, so the Chinese formerly placed a painted efl Bgy of the ** bird of dawning" on the lintel of their doors,** to drive out pestilence, contagion, and evil spirits generally." It is equal- ly noteworthy that it is a cardinal point of Chinese faith that their sun or Saviour- God Yao enters the world at midnight of the twenty-fourth day of the twelfth month. No one is exempt from this necessity, for in order to pay his own debts he must in turn collect what is due to him. There are stories, and there have been whispers, and uncomfortable beings have drawn long faces.Now in the Yi- King the animal attributed to Khien, the Heaven or All-Father, is the Solar Horse; to Kwan, the Earth or All Mother, the Lunar Cow. Gidi^ubar, the ^ar hero, sinking slowly to his death t Kneath the dark winter clouds in the north, wanders vainly in seareli of the secret of immortality. This day is called in the calendar the day when the * ' spir- its are seen out,^^ and for obvious reasons. If a man of the set is in public life, either it is by accident, or he is a social acquisition for purposes of stim- ulating entertainment. Tlie day has gone by when life was dominated by the fii*st South- ern families, whose pride and aifeetions were shared between their genealogical importance and their old madeira.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. And it is certainly true, and of my life-long knowledge, that most New-York- ers see Brooklyn only when a funeral takes them to the cemeteries in and be- yond it. to be called the *' Shore Drive," and to fol- low the edge of our Upper Bay— a road not equalled in scenic attractiveness by any that we now have in New York.A commentator on the calendar of King Cbu informs us that it coils up its leaves to a *' height of 3000 miles," and that ** a golden cock is sitting upon it when the sunlight dawns." An emperor of the Liang dynasty, Yuen Ti, emphasizes the typical character of this golden cock by stating that when he ** begins to crow, all the cocks in the world are thus stirred up and also crow." It is the cock's func- tion to awaken the glorious sun, which (in dispelling darkness) is held to dis- perse the evil spirits of night. The coinci- dence of these two rather peculiar acts of brotherly love coexisting in Hol- land and Scotland should furnish cause for thought. In a word , there are so man 3' eyes upon it, most of them strange, many of them unkindly critical, that its men and women have to be conventional.These spirits, so tlie Chinese think, abhor the truth of the sun's light, and shrink back into the lie of hell. Even poor Hamlet's father must obey the fearful summons of the *' trumpet to the morn." Bernardo. Horatio, And then it started like a guilty thing Upon a fearful summons. It is a little singular, cer- tainly, that the Chinese, who are not an over-charitable or forgiving race, should enjoin the forgiveness of all debts at the beginning of the new year. Not that Washington was ever a city where perversity and frowai'd disposition prevailed.Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. ig the waters of the Eastern Ocf , and arriving at holy Mount Tu fjno, their hopes are rudely shattei'ed. Satow adds that every six months these wands should be changed for new ones, but that in practice the oharai are removed only once a year, perhaps less often. But we are not now inquiring why is Newport, or Mount Des- ert, or Lenox, or Tuxedo. But why is Wash- ington popular with those to whom its superficial outward social life must be most aggreasively offensive?You can search through the full text of this book on the web at http : //books . Two giant brothers, Thu Yu and Yuh Lui, hav- ing power over disembodied spirits, rise up before them and bind them with the * 'cords of hell," and fling them down into Tartarus, which, by a nice conception, is placed directly under the roots of the divine ti'ee. It is an illustration of the differentia- tion of custom that the use of red peach paper is utterly unknown in Japan. - with those who have no interest in the problems of that part of humanity which dwells in the outer darkness beyond the pale?

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