Are logan henderson and erin sanders dating

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Are logan henderson and erin sanders dating

She is also a very close and good friend to the members of Big Time Rush.

She was one of the first people they met when they first arrived at the Palm Woods.

She had her acting debut at the age of 9 when she was discovered by an agent while selling girls scout cookies.” I had just turned 9” she says “when accompanied by my mom I knock on this guy’s door After I rattled off all the names and description of the cookies by heart he said that he was impressed with the way I spoke, and that his friend ran an agency. The petite actress had also appeared on other TV shows and ads also, she was in .

She was in an ad for T-mobile with Catherine Zeta-Jones.

for four years, then Matthew Underwood for two years, at the moment she’s dating Logan Henderson the relationship started in 2010, after they met on the set of Big Time Rush, Logan is one of the main Characters on BTG.

For this reason, Logan considers Camille as "The Coolest Girl in The World." Every time she has had an audition for a dramatic role she slaps Logan on the face.She is shown to be a loyal and devoted friend for the boys and helps them multiple times, like in Big Time Crib, Big Time Break, Big Time Beach Party, Welcome Back Big Time, etc.She is very considerate to other people, particularly Logan, who she called super hot in Big Time Crib.She has had a major crush on Logan from day one, and on the episode "Big Time Love Song" purposely prevented him from impressing Jo by using him in a kissing scene, saying "Yeah lets go with that" when Kendall asked if she was practicing for One Tree Hill.In "Big Time Party" she wanted Logan to play the role in her "fantasy dream movie." Logan is unsure at first, but comes back to role in her "movie" after talking with Jo and Kendall.

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In the movie "Big Time Concert", it appeared as if the boys were leaving after Griffin dumped them. She also helped the boys a couple of times, like in Big Time Crib, Big Time Fans (only Carlos and Kendall), etc. He helped her in her audition a couple of times, in Big Time Break and Big Time Girlfriends.

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