Android no validating documentbuilder implementation available

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Android no validating documentbuilder implementation available

Table 2 shows the application source files for the complete application.You can download the zipped file containing all of these source files (see Downloadable resources).The user must be presented a collection of questions and have a simple means of responding.This tutorial demonstrates the construction of a simple data collection framework for Android-powered mobile phones, leveraging a dynamic metadata structure enabled by XML.Figure 1 depicts the relation of the application to one or more servers that provide data entry forms of varying content.View image at full size In Figure 1, Form 1 provides registration for Robotics Competition and Form 2 asks the user for information about his auto maintenance habit.

To a lesser degree, you will learn about Android and server side scripting.

I have configured the Netscaler VS using CTX125364.

We are using two factor authentication with DUO as our second factor.

To conclude, you save form data to the server and look briefly at the server side of the application. I created the code samples for this tutorial on a Mac Book with Eclipse 3.4.2 and Android SDK version 8, which supports the Android release labeled 2.2.

The tutorial code is not leveraging any specific features of this SDK and the application should run just fine in Android versions dating back as far as 1.5. Let's begin with a short discussion about data collection, and how it can be easy to implement when using an Android mobile device.

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I can open a browser on my phone and go to our storefront URL and launch applications successfully.

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