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America housewife chat

The family needs include cooking food of the highest quality and taste, educating children about school and life in society; moreover, taking care of friends and family members that might visit.Other duties include washing dishes, cleaning the home, making and washing clothes and being the ideal wife.Also, she is expected to tend to the needs of husband, children and all members of the family (Allen 219-233).These family needs are what have given the word housewife its definition.The human race communicates in many different ways however the most used method is by talking or speaking.This includes pronouncing words and sentences but is not limited by this because oral communication can take place through other sounds like grunting or screaming.

Even when we look back into history, this has been recorded and evident.In fact, the main reason people got married was not for leisure or happiness but for the continuity of civilizations through children.A man specifically got married in order to carry his name to the next generation and have someone take care of his physical and environmental needs.Thus, the same word can be understood differently by two people in meaning or context.For example, the word good can be at different levels for different individuals.

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Usually, this term is treated as one that is submissive and obedient.

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