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The second is supposedly a testimonial from a Guangzhou-based man who gushes about how his girlfriend adored the action movie , while his relatives are delighted there will soon be a mixed-raced child in the family.

The third is a long and heartfelt account from a native of Shaanxi province of his previous nightmarish relationship in which his Chinese girlfriend “treated me like an ATM”.

Some were sceptical about how successful he really was, suggesting that his “international import-export business” might in reality be a humble Chinese restaurant.

Others commented that Mei’s home in Ukraine, seen in many of his videos, was a rather ordinary flat, noticeably lacking in luxuries.

Up to two dozen “female VIP members”, as the young women are called, descend a grand staircase one by one in evening dresses, to chat briefly – through a translator – with the “quality men” seated downstairs.

The men are given just enough time for a brief chat with each of the women.

Mei filled his website and social media channels with photos of his family, especially his blonde, model-like wife Dasha Mei.

She is often seen wearing skimpy outfits – bikinis, making dumplings in her underwear – or just draped on her husband’s arm.

Clients hope to emulate the love success of its ‘winner in life’ founder Max Mei – but do they?

The Ulove website claims a 100 per cent satisfaction rate among clients, and an 80 per cent success rate, although it is not clear what constitutes either satisfaction or success.

Three “success stories” are listed on the Ulove website, although one account is totally anonymous and gives so little away it is not worth a mention.

There is no suggestion from the accounts that any of the couples have yet got married.

Ulove’s services do not come cheap and exclude the price of the flight to Ukraine.

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He stayed on in Ukraine after finishing his studies and later married Dasha, a local girl who he met when she was 16 and had a local bodybuilder boyfriend.

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