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It is exploitation of a child which is the issue with this film. Over the past five months, I have received hundreds of photos There photos are of my son Johnny included, but also many other children. Upon close investigation of these photos, we have seen the following: The physical, sexual, emotional abuse to children is continuing at an alarming rate in our country and world. If they did this to my son, Johnny age 12 when he was kidnapped ... I take particular exception to this because one of the kids they kidnapped and used was my son ...... I received the following photos which are very disturbing but we are posting them on the website because there are adults in the photos and we are in hopes someone might recognize the men shown.If you do recognize them, please write to me at JGosch [email protected] case broke when police found 28 drugged and tied-up baby girls -- none over three months old -- in bags on board a bus bound for northern cities.One of the babies died while being smuggled, reports at the time said.The case has been linked to China's "one child" family planning policy that has sharpened traditional values preferring boys over girls and leading to many mothers selling or giving away their baby daughters in the hopes of later having a son.Many defendants in the case refused to admit wrongdoing, insisting they were providing a humanitarian service as many of the trafficked girls went to childless couples in cities, earlier press reports on the scandal said.Of the 31 children, some only a few months old, more than 15 were in Britain, the center said.British authorities would not give a breakdown of where the other suspects or children came from, but said more than half the suspects in Britain were already being prosecuted.

Two people from Yulin were sentenced to death over that case and more than 100 outside Guangxi were convicted, of whom at least one was executed, state press reports at the time said.

Officials said the United States, Canada and Australia were Britain’s main partners in the investigation, which involved agencies from 35 countries.

The international investigation dated back to August 2006 until the ringleader’s sentencing Monday.

The center is an agency under the Home Office that is made up of officers with special experience in tracking and prosecuting sex offenders.‘Son of God’ The host of the “Kiddypics” and “Kiddyvids” site in the earlier case adopted the username “G. D.,” and Cox’s online identity “Son of God” was believed to be a reference. Officers posed as contributors and even pretended to be Cox, running the chat room for 10 days.

It was not immediately clear whether the ongoing U. The 2003 arrest of the ringleaders of the gang exposed a network of trafficking in baby girls that spread from Guangxi to Henan, Anhui and Hubei provinces in central and eastern China, the report said.

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There is still a great deal ahead for them concerning all of the legal issues but with the support of their families they will go on to live healthy productive lives. He is sharing this report, it will shed light upon the issue of missing and exploited children in all categories.

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