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Action figure therapy dating

The butchers took hold of the pigs near their ears with a large scissor-shaped pair of pincers.

The pincers were connected to the lighting plant with wires, and terminated in two teethed disc-electrodes enclosing a sponge wet with water.

Entire university educations were erased from people's minds.

"Memory Loss: ECT is a common cause of severe retrograde amnesia, i.e..

Therefore it was originally thought that inducing epileptic convulsions would cure schizophrenic.

Although we know today that this is just another example of psychiatric quackery theory, ECT effectively disables brain function by wiping out memories that make us sad and cause depression.

For this the old transcranial method followed by physiologists was sufficient.

Passive brain shocking systems include Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, which uses magnetic induction to shock the brain in an area the size of a quarter, about 2 inches below the skull.Continually turning the problem over in my mind I felt that I would sooner or later be able to solve it; so much so that in 1937, not being able to go to the Munsingen Congress, I allowed Bini to hint at these vague hopes, and I, myself, at the 1937 Milan Assembly concerning the therapeutics of schizophrenia, announced these hopes that I had been nourishing.This inactivity in the face of so momentous a question greatly depressed me, so that I immediately jumped at the information, given me by my colleague, Professor Vanni, that 'at the Rome slaughterhouse pigs are killed by electricity'.The spectre of the electric chair was in the minds of all and an imposing mass of medical literature enumerated the casualties, often fatal, ensuing upon electric discharges across the human body.Nowadays, after twelve years of experience with electroshock, that terror may seem to have been exaggerated; but cases of death caused by low tensions (forty volts) had been described.

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ECT to the brain, is like hooking your 120 volt big screen TV up to 540,000 volts and expecting an improved picture!

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