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Accommodating people with hidden disabilities

“A consistent theme [among professors] was, ‘We need more education, we need a better understanding about our role,’ ” says Condra.

In January, 2016, after months of mediation, York, Dhanota and the Ontario Human Rights Commission unveiled a precedent-setting resolution: while students must still provide medical documentation indicating they have a disability and its limitations, they no longer have to disclose their specific diagnosis.This is what I’m going to get.’ ” Today, more students than ever with invisible disabilities are pursuing higher education, and in some schools they outnumber those with physical or sensory disabilities.“Our culture and society has changed [into] not making it such a stigmatized, secretive thing,” says Michael Condra, who retired in June as director of health and counselling services at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont.In addition, “the treatments are becoming much better and more effective, which make it more likely that a student will be able to function effectively in the stress and strain of a post-secondary environment.” Ironically, the process of seeking accommodations can actually re-stigmatize students with invisible disabilities.“When you’re living with something and suffering, it’s hard to say, ‘I’m entitled to this,’ ” says Aliçia Raimundo, 26.

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It read: “Just as airlines shouldn’t hire blind pilots, the university has no business admitting students with learning disabilities,” recalls Wilchesky.