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Other current Seattle bars in spaces once occupied by bars -- with different names -- before prohibition: Volume, Table In Gallery (TIG), Conor Byrne, Trinity Nightclub, Hattie's Hat -- See details below.

In addition, while Von's has only been in its current location since 2013 (and only been named Von's since 1940), it has been a continuously running restaurant, at least, since starting out as Rippes in 1904.

1933) Maneki Japanese Restaurant dates back to 1904 in Seattle and contains a bar, but despite its great history in Seattle, I do not yet list in here for two reasons: 1) I do not have a clear indication of how long a (liquor) bar has been in operation there; and 2) it has not been in the same physical building for all that time.

My guess is that they've had a devoted sake bar area since at least the time they moved into the new location in 1946, but I haven't seen any confirmation of that.

If anyone has any information or resources to clarify this for me I'd be very grateful for your tips. Tavern was established at 511 NW 65th by 1936 and replaced by the Tin Hat by 1938.

The Tin Hat remained at this location for two decades before moving across the street to 512 in the late 50s (it is listed at 511 in the '58 Polk Guide and at 512 in '59).

BF Shearer, the original owner maintained it until 1972.

The current Northlake Tavern dates their own birth to 1954, when they were in a location up the road that was demolished to make way for the I5 Bridge.The 1937 listing has "Mack's Shanty" at 8816 Lake City (AKA Bothell Way AKA Victory Way), and it is listed in a few subsequent years under the name of owner Doris Mc Leod.In the 1941 guide, Mack's Shanty begins appearing at an 8916 address, and then shifts to the current 9002 address around 1948.In any case, the current location dates back to 1958 (the renowned pizza service began in 1960), and an earlier tavern of the same name in the 512 location dates back to at least 1940 and possibly very shortly after prohibition.A plaque in the current Deluxe describes the place as a Capitol Hill institution since 1934, although at that time it was located up the street and named "Mc Clanahan Beer Parlor" for owner Thomas Mc Clanahan.

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The Caroline itself includes mentions of a start date in 1933, and this Seattle PI blog entry states that "The Polk directory shows the Caroline at that address at least as early as 1937." However, I'm pretty confident that this is mistaken, and that while the bar may possibly date back to 1933, it was at a location on Victory Way (now Lake City Way) until approx. In the late 30s and early 40s the Caroline was owned by Mrs. The 1937 Seattle Polk guide includes no mention of the Caroline or Mc Nulty, but the 1936 through 1939 telephone directories list the Caroline Tavern or a tavern under Mary Mc Nulty at 12341 Victory Way (now Lake City Way).

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