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1on 1video chat for 18

※To join Map Talk among three or more parties including the owner, you need a four-digit numeric password set by the owner. ◆Key operation for the Map Talk display Key operation Action Oo[メニュー (Menu)] Can show the quick access menu. Ver確認更新 (Confirm/Update version) You can confirm the version or update information of the application or update application. ≥The information about where to provide might not be displayed. However, your location information might be sent depending on the timing. Permits the location provision request only by the parties stored in the Phonebook. お知らせ (Information) You can check the latest news and information of the service. Information ≥If no keys are pressed for about 15 seconds from the Position Location Result display or the Failure display, the former display returns. Requests from the parties not stored in the Phonebook are automatically rejected. ≥When you select “Select day”, put a check mark for days of the week to be repeated, then press l( ). (See page 336) Also, you need to set “Location request set.” to the setting to permit the location provision beforehand. 334 Information ≥Even when you send your location information, it might not be delivered to the service provider depending on the radio wave conditions. ≥When you set to permit the location provision, the location information might be sent without any operation on the FOMA terminal, and might be notified to the searcher. When a location provision request arrives1YES or NO YES . ≥In the following cases, the display of location provision request is not shown but the request is rejected: ・When “Location request set.” is set to “OFF”. ≥When a location provision request is rejected by the setting of “Location request set.”, the history is not recorded.

Depending on the service you use, you need to set GPS service settings beforehand. Measures the current location and sends the location information. ≥To use Provide Location, you might need to subscribe to a service provider which supports the Provider Location function or to pay the service fee. 1ON or OFF1Enter a validity date (from) 1ON or OFF1Enter a validity date (to). Information ≥You can set “Location request setting” also by “Initial setting” (see page 44). 条件設定 (Set conditions)1Select conditions 1上記で設定 (Fix as specified above) ■Route (Car)/Navigation (Car) View display and its operation 乗換条件 (Transfer conditions) . When the recognition result is wrong, select “音声 再入力 (Re-input voice)”. Display for Map Talk function and its operation Map/GPS Function Using the Map Talk function, you can show the locations of your friends on the map and exchange messages with them. Select a transfer priority criterion of the transfer from “早い (Fast)”, “安い (Cheap)”, and “楽々 (Easy)”. When using Voice Input of 周辺検索 Local Search TOP menu display1周辺検索 Local Search 1音声入力 (Voice Input) The confirmation display appears after your voice is recognized. c[拡大(Enlarge) Can enlarge the scale by pressing and holding the key to show the details. 音声入力開始 (Start voice input) 1Speak about the area information to search for. Select whether to use special expresses for even when the total distance is less than 100 km. m[ 切替 (Switch to )] Can switch to the intersection mode. i[縮小(Reduce)] Can reduce the scale by pressing and holding the key to show a large area. Vo[リルート (Re-route)] Can re-search for a route from the current point to the destination.

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You can show up to 5 friends’ locations including the owner.

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