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A vital distinction from the logic and mathematically aligned Western movements was that Tansaekhwa focused on the meditative aspect of creating art, an approach of growth and layering rather than ‘emptiness’.

Born in Seoul, Korea in 1981, Seung Yul Oh moved to New Zealand to complete an MFA at Auckland University's Elam School of Fine Arts.

26 June – 28 July, 2018Seung Yul Oh is well known for whimsical art works that toy with scale and exist somewhere between spectacle and participation.

However the later paintings offer a strict geometry and shapes that butt up against each other, powerfully claiming their place on the canvas, yet with a delicacy of vision achieved through careful chromatic and structural shifts.

Like much of his vastly diverse practice, an element of autobiography runs through Seung Yul Oh’s practice.

Although reminiscent of Western minimalism and abstraction, his non-figurative work with its emphasis on process and materials owes something to the post-war Korean tradition of Tansaekhwa (Dansaekhwa).

Early works teased the relationship between art work and space through scale: giant inflatables bulging promiscuously around corners and pillars, or protruding forms that demanded audiences negotiate space.

Now, Oh has turned the exploration of physical mass and empty space inwards, the new series creating what the artist calls “territorial boundaries of limited sections of space claimed by the frame.”Although the compositions are wall based and focus attention on extremities and internal voids, Oh isn’t finished with manipulating the audience’s movement through space.

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